Chilli Fish Set

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Sedap! Meets Aroi Mak Mak! in Our Chilli Fish Set

There’s no such thing as too much chilli when it comes to Southeast Asian cuisine. ‘Sedap!’ meets ‘aroi mak mak!’ in our one-of-a-kind nasi lemak set! Featuring Thai style chilli fish alongside other beloved staples found in a traditional nasi lemak meal, this fusion set brings together the best of Thai and Malayan flavours for an unforgettable, mouth watering adventure.

Enjoy Our Flaky and Flavourful Sweet Chilli Fish

Fried until golden brown and coated in a Thai style sweet and sour chilli sauce, generous chunks of tangy fish topped with caramelised onions and pineapple takes centre stage in this meal. Inhale the intoxicating aroma of sweet chilli and garlic with every fragrant spoonful you savour. The melt-in-your-mouth texture of our moist, flaky fish will have you pleading for Chef Nolee to share her special culinary secrets!

Our equally delectable companions to our sweet chilli fish include sides of a crispy, deep-fried egg, crunchy peanuts and dried anchovies, and a palate pleasing Thai mango salad. Maximum crunchiness comes in the form of our fan-favourite keropok! Break it into smaller pieces and mix it with your rice for an added crunch with every bite. Or, choose to save your keropok for the end of your meal and enjoy it as a fun snack. Our speciality blue-pea rice, with its signature marbled appearance, is infused with antioxidant-rich extracts from the butterfly pea flower.

Cooking From the Heart Using Premium Ingredients

We are as proud of our recipes as we are of the ingredients we use. Everything we create, from our sweet and sour chilli sauce to our refreshing mango salad, has been carefully chosen to provide you with the most satisfying gastronomic experience. Visit us in the Singapore heartlands at Yishun Block 504 for a taste of our signature chilli fish set, or place an order online for delivery right to your doorstep! We look forward to sharing our recipes with you.


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