Thai inspired, locally infused

Our Ingredients

Cooked to perfection with spicy, delicious goodness. This Thai inspired local delight takes its influence from the famed streets of Chiang Rai. Auntie Nolee has refined and united a hearty Singaporean experience with the culture of Thailand.

Lavender Nasi Lemak marries the creamy and sweet natures of Thai cuisine with the juicy and spicy mouth feel of Singaporean signatures. Our Signature blue pea rice adds more than a vibrant splash of colour, it is also rich in antioxidants and can prevent premature ageing, helping to improve overall skin tone and texture while promoting healthy hair growth without greying.

From chilli to chicken wing, prawn to peanut, each ingredient in our menu has been carefully elevated to bring the best out of nasi lemak. Make no mistake, our mango salad pristine palate pleaser in its own right – An amalgamation of cross cultural flavours that will wash over you to deliver an incorporated impression of Asia.

Butterfly Pea Rice

Butterfly pea rice, other wise known famously as Nasi Kerabu is rice brewed and infused with the butterfly pea flower, giving it a signature marbled appearance. This specialty blend is an Asian secret passed from generation to generation. Our nasi lemak uses only the best ingredients in our recipe to give you a soft, delicate and delicious meal.

Chicken Wings

Looking to satisfy your chicken wing cravings? At our kitchen, Chef Nolee harnesses her 40 years of culinary experience to bring crispy, juicy and mouth watering chicken wings to your plate.

Chicken Thigh

Succulent, tender chicken thighs that rival even that of the Colonel. This yummy spoonful of undeniable taste is one of many staples in our menu. 

Sambal Prawn

Sweet, salty and shiok! Tingly to the tongue and spicy to the soul. Unequivocal satisfaction awaits when you bite into our sambal prawn!

Chilli Fish

Sweet and sour fish like no other. An age old Thai recipe that has been heartily devoured by people from Thailand to Singapore. Tangy fish with moist pineapple and onions.