Mango Salad

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Experience our Fan-Favourite Thai Mango Salad

No fruit is as well-beloved in Thailand’s food scene as the mango. One of the most well-known Thai culinary staples featuring this treasured fruit has got to be the Thai green mango salad. With its combination of delightful textures and flavours, the leafy greens we might associate with regular garden salads have nothing on this mango-centric dish. Traditionally thought to have originated from northern Thailand and Laos, the popular green mango salad is now known worldwide for its incredible flavour profile.

Discover a Medley of Thai Flavours

Thai cuisine is all about bringing out that perfect balance of flavours for a harmonious gastronomic experience. Our mango salad celebrates both the sweet and the sour in tribute to the aromatic flavours of Thai cuisine. Made from a combination of thinly grated, firm green mangos, fresh shallots, shredded carrot and roasted pine nuts, a zesty splash of lime ties this fan favourite dish together. Palate pleasing and invigorating, your tastebuds will rejoice with every mouthful of our refreshing mango salad.

This salad can be easily enjoyed as a meal-for-one, but it also makes a great accompaniment to our other mains as an appetiser or an after-meal snack—our Basil Chicken with Egg and Thai Fried Rice make exceptionally good companions in our opinion. Alternatively, gather your family together and serve this salad as a side dish for sharing. The crunchy texture and punchiness of its sweet and tart flavours go exceptionally well with heartier meats and all kinds of seafood. Healthy and delicious with an unforgettable taste—what’s not to love?

Try Our Thai Mango Salad Today!

While a spontaneous trip to Thailand might prove difficult, our delicious mango salad is a sure ticket to transporting your senses back to the land of tuk-tuks and street food. This delectable salad can be found at our little coffee shop located at Yishun Block 504. Delivery is also available if you prefer to have your meal at home. We are thankful to our delivery partners who help bring our dishes right to your doorstep!


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