What Goes Into Blue, Green and White Nasi Lemak Rice?

Nasi lemak may be known for its fried chicken, sambal chilli and ikan bilis, but it is the rice that will always remain the star of the dish. After all, the name “nasi lemak” literally translates to creamy rice, and it is this most abundant component of the dish that makes or breaks it.

Living in Singapore, you more than likely have come across an array of different-coloured nasi lemak rice. Sure, they are all delicious, but have you ever wondered what goes into making the blue, green, and white-coloured nasi lemak rice we see so often? Let’s find out!

Blue Nasi Lemak Rice: Butterfly Pea Flower

Ever come across those mesmerising colour-changing drinks that go from blue to purple the moment you add lemon juice? Those are made from butterfly pea flowers — the same thing used to create blue nasi lemak rice!

Butterfly pea flowers are used across Southeast Asia as a natural dye in various food items. There is another famous Malay dish called Nasi Kerabu, which also utilises the butterfly pea flower to colour the rice. This dish could have been the inspiration for the trend of blue nasi lemak rice.

So, how is it made? The blue flower releases its colour when steeped in warm or hot water. Rice is subsequently cooked in this infusion, together with the classic coconut milk, which gives rise to its distinctly marbled blue appearance.

But the beautiful colouring is not just for aesthetic reasons. Butterfly pea flowers are rich in antioxidants, which help to prevent premature ageing, improve skin tone and promote healthy hair growth! This method and recipe is an Asian secret that has been passed from generation to generation. At Lavender Nasi Lemak, our butterfly pea rice is crafted with only the best ingredients to give you soft, delicate rice that perfectly complements our menu of unique side dishes.

White Nasi Lemak Rice: Coconut Milk

The quintessential white nasi lemak is the classic look of the breakfast dish that we all know and love.

This creamy, rich rice is traditionally made by steaming the rice in a mixture of coconut milk, water, salt and pandan leaves. Other spices and aromatics like ginger, bay leaf, and onion are added to the rice during this stage too. The fragrant ginger and pandan cut through the creaminess of the coconut milk, balancing out the flavours for a delicious, light rice base for the flavour-packed sides. It may be the most common type of nasi lemak rice available in Singapore, but it undoubtedly still holds its own!

Green Nasi Lemak Rice: Pandan

This variation of nasi lemak rice, also known as Nasi Pandan, takes the white coconut milk rice one step further. By adding pandan paste or pandan flavouring for that extra pandan punch, the rich rice is infused with the fresh, fragrant aroma of the pandan leaf. It gives it a unique sweetness that pairs well with the spicy sambal and the salty, crunchy ikan bilis.

Just like most pandan-flavoured cakes and desserts, a few drops of green food colouring are commonly added for appearances, giving the rice a vibrant green colour that contrasts nicely with the red sambal and the white egg — the perfect picture of a delectable dish.

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4 Reasons Why Nasi Lemak is the Perfect Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s only right that you tuck into a nourishing meal to power you through the day! We have a wide range of breakfast foods here in Singapore — from prata to soft boiled eggs and kaya toast, and of course, the ever-popular nasi lemak. 

Nasi lemak is an all-time favourite breakfast item in Singapore and Malaysia. It’s enjoyed by all regardless of age and ethnicity, and that didn’t happen by chance. Here are some of the reasons why nasi lemak is, in our opinion, a top-tier breakfast option.

1. It fills your stomach up

There are few things more embarrassing than getting on the silent train on your way to work, or sitting in an early morning meeting and hearing your stomach growl loudly! You can avoid this social faux pas and the judgemental looks by eating a well-balanced breakfast in the morning.

Skip the kaya toast and tuck into a substantial breakfast of nasi lemak. The healthy serving of rice will provide enough carbohydrates to satisfy your hunger pangs and give you the energy to take on your daily tasks! It also provides you with a little protein, fat, and fibre to start your day just right.

2. It energises you with a burst of flavour

Our Thai-inspired nasi lemak is a medley of flavours — the salty ikan bilis, the spicy belacan chilli, and the sweet and tangy mango salad (a quintessential Thai side dish) all come together in one neat little package. Instead of plain bread or an overly sweet breakfast cereal, a single serving of our scrumptious nasi lemak will tantalise your taste buds and tick off every craving you have. Having such an exciting experience at the beginning of your day can improve your mood, energising you and setting the tone for the rest of your day.

3. It has several health benefits

The name “nasi lemak” can sometimes be a little misleading. Sure, it translates literally to “fatty rice”, but in actuality, this modest meal is fairly well-balanced and nutritious! Named by TIME magazine as one of the healthiest breakfasts in the world, this unassuming meal brings a host of benefits. The chillies in the classic belacan can enhance metabolism and are also packed with vitamin C and antioxidants.

Research has also shown that the saturated fats in coconut milk can boost metabolism and potentially aid in weight loss. Eggs provide your body with good cholesterol, and all in all, this delicious dish carries all the important nutrients required for you to face your day with gusto.

4. It is super affordable

From its humble origins as a meal meant for farmers who worked the fields, to the breakfast staple we all know and love, nasi lemak is an easily accessible delight! There’s no need to scour the island for fancy restaurants or obscure eateries for a good plate of nasi lemak. You can easily get a simple set meal of rice, ikan bilis and peanuts, with cucumber slices and an egg omelette for a few dollars, just about anywhere in Singapore! You could also splurge a little to add special sides to your meal — fried chicken, otah, or even rendang!

At Lavender Nasi Lemak, we up the ante with our unique Thai side dishes, like mango salad and our delectable sweet and sour chilli fish to add to your nasi lemak set.

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