The Secret to Good Nasi Lemak Chilli

Nasi lemak and belacan chilli are simply inseparable. The sweet tang and spiciness of the chilli add layers of complexity and new dimensions to an already beloved dish. No nasi lemak set is truly complete without a generous helping of chilli on the side!

But how much do you really know about belacan chilli? There are many variations out there, with every restaurant in Singapore having its own secret recipe. From the traditional Malay sambal to our very own Thai-style signature belacan. Let’s take a deep dive into the critical qualities of amazing nasi lemak chilli and what makes Lavender Nasi Lemak’s signature chilli oh-so-special!

What Exactly is Belacan Chilli?

You are most likely familiar with sambal, a spicy condiment from Malaysia made with chillies. It is highly common across Southeast Asian cuisine and is often used in all sorts of local dishes. Belacan is a type of shrimp paste made out of small shrimp or krill. Mix chilli and belacan with citrus and sugar, and you have your basic building blocks of belacan chilli.

Here at Lavender Nasi Lemak, we take things one step further by incorporating unique Thai influences. By using Thai belacan and palm sugar, our signature belacan chilli infuses a distinct, well-balanced flavour into our Thai-inspired nasi lemak.

What Makes a Good Belacan Chilli?

1. Using Fresh Chillies for a Spicy Kick

Only fresh chillies will do the trick, so try not to use dried chillies. Commonly used chilli types include cayenne chilli or bird’s eye chilli, also known as Thai chilli. Naturally, the more chilli you add, the spicier your resulting belacan chilli will be. It takes careful balancing to nail the correct quantity of chilli so that the condiment will offer a satisfying spice without being too overpowering. One option is to scrape out the seeds from the chilli pod to reduce the spice levels while retaining the aromatic chilli flavour.

2. Adding the Right Amount of Lime Juice & Belacan

One way to enhance the flavour of your shrimp paste is to toast it in a frying pan before incorporating it with the other ingredients. Like toasting spices, doing so will bring out its aroma and give it a more potent umami punch.

Lime juice contributes a delightful tang and a freshness to the chilli, helping cut through the spiciness. In Singapore, the juice of calamansi is traditionally used over Key limes or Persian limes.

3. Grinding the Ingredients Together Perfectly

Now it’s time to bring everything together. Chilli, Thai belacan, Thai palm sugar, lime juice, and garlic need to be well-blended to release all their flavours and transform into a smooth condiment. In the past, this was done by hand using a mortar and pestle. Nowadays, people may prefer using a chopper or electric food processor to speed up the process. The key is to pound it until it reaches a semi-coarse texture — not too mushy, yet not too chunky.

4. Balancing Salty, Spicy, Sour, and Sweet

The hallmark of an excellent belacan chilli? It has to be perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

It is vital to get the proper ratio of sugar to counteract the sour lime juice, salt to introduce a delectable sense of umami, and spice to add complexity and heat. Our well-balanced belacan chilli goes beautifully with nasi lemak rice and adds a savouriness that will tantalise the taste buds! 

Give Our Signature Belacan Chilli a Try Today

Nothing compares to Lavender Nasi Lemak’s signature belacan chilli! We have perfected our recipe for an exquisitely balanced chilli that we make fresh in-house. It goes perfectly with our blue pea rice and range of unique side dishes such as sambal prawn and chilli fish. Try it for yourself by visiting our outlet at Yishun Blk 504 or order it online and get delicious nasi lemak and belacan chilli delivered to your doorstep today.

Here’s How You Can Satisfy Your Nasi Lemak Cravings

Can’t get enough of nasi lemak? We know the feeling. When your cravings are triggered, and you just need to get your nasi lemak fix, sometimes you need a hearty plate of aromatic steamed rice, egg, and perhaps a crispy chicken wing to feel satisfied. Well, Lavender Nasi Lemak is here to help. Here are our top four methods to satisfy your nasi lemak cravings in Singapore, any day of the week!

1. Visit Lavender Nasi Lemak in Yishun

Come one, come all! Lavender Nasi Lemak is serving up mouth-watering nasi lemak with a twist of Thai from 10 am to 8 pm daily in Singapore. Expect exactly what you see in the picture above — generous portions and an unbeatable variety of sides at affordable, value-for-money prices.

Take your pick from a vast range of nasi lemak sets in our menu — from the classic chicken wing or thigh to sambal prawn and chilli fish. Our dishes are made with high-quality ingredients and love, cooked to perfection for every order. Nestled in the heart of Yishun at Blk 504, we are easily accessible by bus from anywhere in the north.

For the best nasi lemak experience, you can never go wrong with Lavender Nasi Lemak. Visit our outlet to get your fill of Thai-inspired nasi lemak today! Available for takeaway and dine-in (subject to prevailing government regulations). 

2. Order Nasi Lemak Delivery Online

Feeling lazy to get dressed and go out? Is the weather too hot? You can get nasi lemak delivered to your home in Singapore with just a few quick taps on your phone!

Order online at your convenience via our website or food delivery partners — Grabfood, FoodPanda, and Deliveroo. There are also self-pickup options available for easy and fuss-free takeaways. Enjoy the same big portions and the hearty meal that you love sent straight to you — and no, we don’t skimp on our signature belacan chilli! It’s easier than ever to fulfil your desires with tasty Thai-style nasi lemak without ever needing to leave your home. 

3. Make it Yourself At Home

If you’re stuck at home with nothing better to do, why not flex your cooking skills? Whip out your pots and pans to try recreating your favourite nasi lemak in your kitchen. For beginners, you could follow a simple recipe such as this one.  Make things easy by sticking to the basics — steamed coconut rice, egg, and a few garnishes of your choice, such as sliced cucumbers, peanuts, and ikan bilis. You could try making your own belacan chilli, or go for a store-bought jar of sambal to save time and effort.

If you’re feeling fancy, go ahead and get creative with your side dishes! Nasi lemak is generally a fairly straightforward dish that won’t take you long to cook, and you can choose to enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Plus, you can bet that your whole family will love tucking into homemade nasi lemak!

4. Try Unique Variations of Nasi Lemak 

As a popular dish in Singapore, it’s no surprise that many restaurants and food providers have developed weird and wacky variations of the food. Out there, you can find nasi lemak pizza, nasi lemak burgers, and even nasi lemak chips. These foods take the quintessential flavours of nasi lemak — egg, chicken, cucumber and chilli — and incorporate them into various fusion dishes. Of course, such variations can never beat the real deal, but they can help to satisfy your cravings in a pinch. If, for example, nasi lemak and pizza are your two favourite foods, then nasi lemak pizza will truly be the best of both worlds!