Thai Fried Rice w/Egg

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Experience the Wok-fried Magic of Our Thai Fried Rice

Looking for a refreshing twist on plain ol’ fried rice? Why not try our Thai-inspired fried rice for a perfect sweet and savoury treat? While many fried rice variations can be found all over the world, we believe that the most exciting meal featuring this staple has to be the infamous Thai fried rice. Dig into our classic Thai fried rice for a perfect meal to brighten your day.

Whoever Knew Thai Fried Rice Could Taste So Good?

Street food aficionados will find a familiar sight in our sunny, wok-fried wonder. Onions, garlic and the all-popular fish sauce come together to flavour this delicious concoction. A bed of fragrant jasmine rice, stir-fried to golden perfection, serves as the foundation of this dish while juicy seared shrimp bring a taste of the waves to the table. Every mouthful you take will transport you back to memories of a breezy evening spent enjoying the flavours of Thai cuisine at a night bazaar. Topped with an over-easy fried egg, break the luscious yolk over your rice to enjoy a delectable combination of taste and texture.

This is definitely the perfect item on our menu when you’re in need of a comforting, pick-me-up meal. But, as the saying goes, good things must be shared. Our fried rice is certainly a fantastic option to bring to any potluck party or family gathering. Its seemingly humble appearance hides a vibrant balance of flavours. This Thai-inspired dish is sure to find devoted fans among both children and adults alike.

Visit Us for Authentic Thai-inspired Fare

Enjoy a plate of our Thai fried rice when you visit our cosy coffee shop at Yishun Block 504, or, opt for home delivery to have your meal delivered to your doorstep. It has been 15 years since Chef Nolee left her native country of Thailand for Singapore. We can only be grateful that she has chosen to bring her delicious recipes to us!


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