What Inspires Our Tantalising Thai-Style Nasi Lemak?

There are many nasi lemak variations, but none quite as unique with a harmony of well-balanced flavours as Lavender Nasi Lemak’s Thai-inspired food! If you can’t get enough of our Thai-inspired version of Singapore’s national favourite, read on to take a peek behind the curtain and discover what motivated us to create our specialty menu!

Our Authentic Thai Origins

The star of the show and the mastermind behind it all, our founder Auntie Nolee came from Chiang Rai, Thailand, armed with nothing more than a pushcart, deep fryer and rice cooker. She had been cooking for the Thai people for 25 years, but now, 15 years since her arrival to Singapore, Auntie Nolee has launched Lavender Nasi Lemak to bring authentic Thai flavours to us.

With her in-depth knowledge of authentic Thai food and nasi lemak, Auntie Nolee brings a fresh perspective, combining the flavours of her culture with this well-loved local dish.

Bringing Truly Thai Flavours to Singapore

Thai cuisine is known for its delicate dance between sour, salty, sweet, and spicy, and Chef Nolee’s well-trained hand brings this wonderful medley to delight our taste buds! She combines these complex flavours of her roots with the delicious flavours that we are all familiar with, bringing us on a gastronomic journey. While nasi lemak might be considered a heavier meal, Chef Nolee brings an alternative flavour palette to the table — incorporating refreshing Thai mango salad, fluffy blue pea rice, and more.

Without compromising on the comforting flavours of this classic dish, Chef Nolee brings an authentic Thai twist to the table. This combination of Thai and local flavours comes from the heart — they represent both her roots and her new home here in Singapore, and Lavender Nasi Lemak is a testament to her love for both parts of her identity and a product of the best of both worlds.

Innovative Food from the Heart

Our Thai-inspired local fare pushes the boundaries of what Nasi Lemak is and can be, and Chef Nolee has brought together two complex cuisines in a graceful fusion. This innovative fusion fare didn’t appear out of thin air either — Auntie Nolee has spent countless hours researching, developing, testing and tasting every dish to achieve perfection, culminating in a skilful blend of the two cuisines.

Coming up with new Thai-inspired creations that you won’t find anywhere else in Singapore, Chef Nolee pairs unconventional side dishes and her signature belacan chilli with the comforting flavours we know and love. The typical Thai flavours of sweet and spicy provide a sharp counterbalance to the creamy rice, with Thai-inspired sides such as chilli fish with pineapple and onions adding a tangy twist. The quintessential mango salad also brings a lovely acidity and crunch to complement the soft rice.

Bringing Smiles to Our Customers’ Faces

Lastly, but certainly not least, are the wonderful, loyal customers we’ve had over the years. The feedback and support that we have received have motivated us to continue cooking and creating delicious food. We’ve been serving food from the bottom of our hearts for over 40 years and brought joy to over 100,000 customers in 9 different countries. What’s more, we are proud to be named one of the best nasi lemak in Singapore by Hawkerpedia!

We are deeply passionate about sharing our love for food and the warmth it brings to people, and we cannot wait to share this with many more to come! Looking forward, we hope to be filling the stomachs of nasi lemak and Thai food lovers alike with nostalgic flavours and a twist of Thai.

Visit Us at Yishun to Savour Our Thai-Inspired Nasi Lemak

Come see Auntie Nolee in action! Taste the authentic Thai flavours infused with local goodness all in one plate by visiting us in Yishun today. Alternatively, you can enjoy Thai-inspired nasi lemak delivered to your doorstep through our delivery partners!

6 Interesting Facts About Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak is common fare for Singaporeans. Not only is it a staple breakfast, one of the many available to us from a spread of foods from different cultures, but it’s also an integral part of our cuisine. We might squabble over which hawker centre or restaurant has the best nasi lemak in Singapore, but how much do we really know about this modest meal?

Here are 6 fun facts about the humble nasi lemak that you probably never knew!

1. Nasi lemak literally means” fatty/oily rice”

The word “lemak”, literally translated, means fat and can be applied to many different kinds of fat, like ghee or oil. The “lemak” in this creamy dish refers to coconut milk, which is high in saturated fats. The name of this dish comes from the process where the rice is soaked and then steamed in coconut milk with other spices and herbs like butterfly pea flowers, infusing the rice with a balanced blend of flavours.

2. It was once named one of the 10 healthiest international breakfasts

While nasi lemak is considered on the heavier side of breakfasts available to us in Singapore, in 2016, TIME magazine named nasi lemak as one of the healthiest breakfasts in the world. It might feel contradictory, considering how the name of the dish itself can be translated to “fatty rice”.

But according to TIME, its high fat content is “balanced with lots of manganese,” which is good for forming connective tissues and bones. Proteins and carbs create a balanced breakfast, and the chilli in the sambal is said to boost metabolism as well. The article described nasi lemak as being “supremely delicious” and we can’t help but agree!

3. It is considered Malaysia’s national dish

While it has not been officially named as the national dish, almost everyone in Malaysia would be able to rave about what they love about this quintessentially Malaysian dish. Nasi lemak is considered essential in a Malay-style breakfast repertoire, although it is served at all times of the day. In Malaysia’s multicultural society, this breakfast menu staple is often cited as a shared childhood experience, and unites the people as part of their common identity, just as is the case in Singapore.

4. It was once a farmer’s meal

Nasi lemak used to be a favourite of farmers! In the past, villagers would commonly eat nasi lemak as their morning meal before heading out to the fields. The combination of the carbohydrates and calories from the coconut steamed rice, together with the proteins from the ikan bilis and oils and antioxidants from the chilli make this dish a perfectly well-rounded meal, providing them with all the necessary nutrients (not to mention a delicious start) to power through a long day’s work!

5. There are many regional variations across Southeast Asia

This dish has spread across Southeast Asia, and as such has a great number of variations across the different cultures. For example, there is a Malaysian-Indian version of this dish which comes with curry, adding a little heat to cut through the rich coconut rice. Even within Singapore, there are many variations of nasi lemak, as different cultures and ethnicities bring flavours from their own cuisine to the mix! Some offer “gourmet” or fusion versions of the dish, while some Singaporean-Chinese renditions offer alternative sides and set dishes not usually served with nasi lemak such as luncheon meat.

6. Its origins are uncertain

This dish is so widespread that no one truly knows nasi lemak’s exact origins. One theory suggests that the answer is in its ingredients — living by the sea, the simple folk relied on the ingredients available to them. Coconuts from the coast, anchovies from the sea and kang kong (water spinach) plucked from the gardens all came together to create the explosion of flavour that is nasi lemak.

The signature banana leaf-wrapped look is sometimes attributed to the fact that this dish was often brought as meals to farmers on the field, providing them with a filling meal. While there might not be any conclusive answers for the origin of nasi lemak, there is no denying its importance in our local food scene!

One last fun fact — you can now try Thai-inspired nasi lemak in Singapore! Lovingly made with authentic Thai ingredients, Lavender Nasi Lemak brings together the best of Thai flavours and local cuisine. Visit Lavender Nasi Lemak at Yishun Blk 504, or order online for delivery to your doorstep today!